A Facebook post dated 29 Dec 2016 revealed an angry parent whose one year old daughter Chevelle Tan, was allegedly drugged by an ad hoc babysitter.

Such cases have happened not only in Singapore, but globally too. To lighten their workload, the errant caregivers administered cough medicines, or crushed sleeping pills into the children's milk formula. This will prove to be life-threatening for the children if consumed in large doses or over a prolonged period of time.

It is also said that the same babysitter has been reported by other parents for the same reason. Whether their children were tested or not remains unverified at the time of this post.

The original public post appears to be privatised now after garnering nearly 1k comments. However, The Local Society had already saved the video of the babysitter in their article:

Even Channel 8 News has picked up on the post.
I can never emphasize this enough; screen, screen & screen your potential full-time babysitters. Do not give full confirmation until:
1) You know her background (or at least know where to get it when you need it for urgent references; like a former employer or two or anyone else credible who could shed some light on her character).
2) Arrange a first meeting for you to see how well she understands you, interacts with you and to see how the sitter handles your child (and whether your child looks comfortable with her or not). If babysitting is to be done at babysitter's home, conduct a house visit instead.
---> Even if it's just for ad hoc and you don't have much time, yes, at least practice Point 1 and 2 before making your decision. These doesn't only apply to long-term nannies.
3) and finally, a TRIAL babysitting session. It is up to you how short you want this to be. It can be 2 days to a week. Analyse your child's behaviour, eating habits and sleep pattern after each session.
4) You do not have to tell your sitter this is a probationary trial. This would make them only do well in that period but once they know it's over and they have "passed" the test, please be aware that things could change.
5) You are not obliged to let your innocent child stay with her if something's not right, despite whatever duration you promised the sitter. Make her sign an agreement that once she breaches any trust, nothing is binding anymore and you have the right to cut all arrangements immediately and alert the authorities.
Please, do not rush to dump your child with strangers. I get that everyone's busy, but always MAKE TIME to sieve through these people. Take a longer leave if you can, or meet and get to know them during the weekends or whenever your day off is. Your biggest regret will turn real if you are hasty. I mean it.

Wishing baby Chevelle a smooth road to recovery and I hope there are no complications in her test results. 😢