Full day nannies should be able to clean up to the best of their ability especially while the child's napping or studying. However, it sometimes depends on the child. If it's a young child who is generally clingy or refuses to nap, paying attention to him/her must be put in the utmost priority before housework. After all, we don't want to present you with unhappy babies when you return from a hectic day.

There are some ad hoc caregivers who solely babysit. Housework may not be included in the hourly rate so both parents and babysitters have to communicate beforehand to know what is expected and what can be negotiated. At the most, they will do light housework like clearing the toys, sweeping the floor and clearing the dishes, but never expect them to do more than what they really came for.

Lastly, babysitters & nannies also need to ensure there are more playtime and interaction with the kids in their waking moments, instead letting them have too much screen time, or worse; focusing on your own social media. So let's keep to our service standards, show each other the deserved respect and trust, manage our expectations well and make this a beautiful working partnership. 😊