It's been a while since I last blogged. I've been busy with my nannying assignment, and life in general. 😇

This is baby A just recently.

Will you look at that chubby little hand! For a 4 to 5 months old baby, he has such a long attention span for story books. I can read up to 6 books and he'd still give me the "why did you stop" thoughtful look just when I thought that he was getting tired.

Baby TV programmes on cable & mobile videos are limited to just 10-15 minutes per view, as his parents understandably do not encourage screen time addiction so of course, I'll honour the requests & requirements of every parent as far as I can. Educational videos, however, sometimes can be a longer exception.

Diaper-changing time in his cot. Such a cutie. He's still pretty enthralled by his baby animals carousel actually, so I put him in there sometimes to calm him down, or go for a quick bathroom break! 🏃

Baby A is an extremely light sleeper, hence it can be pretty tough to get him to sleep during nap times. He also loves to look at the mirrors and smile at his own reflection 😎. He's getting more & more active. Squealing & babbling get more apparent too & he dislikes staying put in one place. So I gotta brace myself for more cranky periods when he already knows how to crawl & wants to explore the whole house, but I doubt that his parents would let that happen cos they live in a duplex & the winding staircase is a no-go for a little child. I guess a baby gate is in the cards to stop his access to the bedroom upstairs.

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