Introducing 1 year old boy, let's call him D & 3 year old girl, C! They are blessed with a beautiful house that came with a lovely personal yard to play in, and also a nearby park.

I didn't have the opportunity to meet them during the house visit with the parents on Sunday, cos they were still napping when we chatted. On Monday, I burst out laughing with surprise when they emerged out from their nap - The resemblances were too uncanny, the girl looks exactly like mommy, very pretty eyes, while the younger boy looks like a photocopy of their daddy! Too adorable liao..! 😍

D is the more reserved child among the two, and is being accompanied by granny cos he's still terribly shy with me. 😊

C too, was super terrified of the stranger, until I showed her photos of what I can do with Play Doh & then granny suggested that maybe she could take hers out to play with me. She brightened up immediately & later proceeded to take out other toys too!

I wish I had the chance to take more photos, but it was harder with two kids! Hahaha! While C required my attention, I had to ensure that baby boy D doesn't wander off too when poor granny needed to use the bathroom. He's an extremely energetic baby boy after all.

So after playing with numerous toys & teaching C to keep them together with me, we all proceeded to the house yard for fresh air instead of the nearby park because of the erratic hot/cloudy weather.

I promised C that I'll be bringing hand paint (stamps) on the next session, as she only has the paint but no brushes. R's mum (the German-US family) gave those stamps to me cos she didn't want to bring them to Berlin. I knew that they would come in handy someday! 👍