Little R can read full sentences at 3 years old & so far able articulate his thoughts very well. He speaks English, German & a little Mandarin. I recall that my daughter couldn't speak properly till we sent her for phonics class at 4, and honestly I rarely see other toddlers who can fully read at this age too.

You will see what I mean here 😍.

Yesterday, my husband & I bought him tons of stickers & an educational sticker book!

The picture-matching sticker book that he loves. And it costs only $2 for the simple pleasures in a child's life.

The bedtime photos below were taken the night before. It was the first time I put him into bed after dinner.

As he only allows his parents to tuck him to sleep, what did you think I promised him with if he lets me do that? The stickers & new tubes of Play Doh, what else? Haha. His old stickers are used & the old doughs already too dried up anyway.

His favourite music box that also helped him sleep. Lol...

I am so going to miss seeing R when he goes to Berlin 😢. I will make sure that I buy him new Play Doh before he leaves!