So before he went away, I got R these as a parting gift (as promised)!

A new Play Doh Set!

See what we made. 😍

I gotta admit, I wasn't privileged enough to have Play Doh in those days but these look yummy.

The little boy who ran around in his shorts at home! Well he won't get to do that in Berlin now that's for sure. Look how happy he was! I miss him & our morning walks to the beautiful rooftop already!

I would like to thank Fabian & Amber for being so welcoming & generous with me when I was there. I hope that you have a well-deserved year abroad & wish all of you the best in whatever you do! 💜

Now... I would like to welcome baby A to my schedule! 😍

Syukur alhamdulillah. Thank you all once again for your trust in my services. This really means a lot to me.

It's late now but I will definitely post baby A's progress when I have more photos. 😚