I am hoping for someone who can help. As I'll be booked for another family, I'm unable to take this assignment. Hence I'm only helping to post on their behalf. Not taking any commissions for this.

25 Jln Berseh

Children ages: 
4 kids - youngest 3 months old, oldest 4 years old.

May 2017 onwards (till further notice)

3-5 times a week. On weekdays, 3 kids will be at the CC. Mother is part-timer who does not have fixed working days. It can be weekends too, but if the husband is home, you need not come over to look after the kids.

$200. Family is under a very tight budget and receiving assistance from FSC. Suitable for nannies who are currently unemployed and who wish to gain some experience caring for multiple children. 

Stay preference: 
Preferable for nanny to come over. Or if you stay near or at Jln Berseh and prefer the parents to send the kids over, please contact me & I'll link you up to the family.